Fundraising Events


Andy dem cropped

Our Fundraising Event “AN EVENING OF MEDIUMSHIP WITH ANDY BYNG” was a huge success with more than 200 people in attendance and many more from across the world watching online. See a clip of the demonstration here: 

For $10, you can purchase the link for the recording of this amazing demonstration and your purchase supports the fundraising efforts of SSB: CLICK HERE  

fundraising WHY ARE WE RAISING FUNDS?  SSB is growing and the time has come to move. Our main objective is to move to bigger premises that will offer more space for our growing congregation, workshops, development meditation circles, healing and many more events and activities that can be held at the same time. We have been saving money for some time now to contribute toward the cost of purchasing and renovating our own building. This new building will be a HOME for SSB for generations to come. WHY NOW?  There is an URGENT need to increase our FUNDRAISING efforts now. The timing has become critical. Our current premises are in need of a new roof as it has been leaking for more than 6 years and our absentee landlord has left us no alternative but to look to a future beyond the current walls of our Roseland Plaza unit. Thus, we begin the process of building SSB’s future by expanding our fundraising objectives. Our goal is an aggressive and ambitious one. We aim to raise over $500,000.00. The purchase of a building for SSB is needed as the condition of our current location is only getting worse. PLEASE HELP MAKE THESE EVENTS A SUCCESS!     BUY tickets, SELL tickets, PROMOTE the events and ATTEND. Contact friends, family and colleagues about our upcoming events and encourage them to attend. SHARE SSB’s posts and invitations to help SPREAD THE WORD about our programs, events and services.