Who We Are

Reverend James Kinnear


Rev. James Kinnear was ordained with the Spiritualist Church of Canada in 2004, is a past president, and is licensed with the Province of Ontario.  Jim has worked as a medium, lecturer and teacher for over 30 years, in Canada, the United States and parts of the United Kingdom.

Desiring to serve Spirit and offer his gifts and experience to others, Jim in 2006 opened SSB together with founding members TC Kendall and Jana Hefferman.  Their vision was to provide a safe and welcoming environment for others interested in Spiritualism and their own spiritual development.  SSB has since grown into a thriving community offering fellowship, support, education and training.

For more see Jim’s website here.

Reverend TC Kendall


During the formative years of SSB, TC served mainly as the resident guitar player.  Following services, people would ask her questions about Spiritualism, a subject about which she knew very little.  In an effort to acquire knowledge to answer these questions, TC registered for the educational program with the Spiritualist Church of Canada.  Halfway through the program, she was inspired to become a minister.  With the completion of the program and certification in healing, lecturing and mediumship, TC was ordained in 2014 and is licensed in the Province of Ontario.  She has served many Spiritualist churches in Ontario, the U.S. and England.  At SSB, she serves as both minister and administrator, and is still the resident guitarist.  Always wanting to learn more about the spirit world and provide opportunities for others, TC actively promotes and manages SSB’s educational program.

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Reverend Jana Hefferman

Jana Hefferman

Reverend Jana Hefferman has been connected to Spirit since childhood but did not pursue understanding and using her gifts until later in life.  Ordained through the Spiritualist Church of Canada in 2012 she is a registered healer, lecturer and medium, serving churches across Canada and in the United States.  Licensed in Ontario Jana enjoys officiating weddings and vow renewals, and is also available for celebrations of life.  In addition to serving as the SSB librarian Jana has a strong creative side expressed through the fashioning of a variety of crafts and handiworks, including gift baskets, themed lighting blocks, and wedding reception linens and decor.



Reverends Kinnear, Kendall and Hefferman are available to perform weddings, celebrations of life (funerals) and naming services.

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