Our Recorded Services are available to watch comfortably at your home.

Join us any Sunday at 11:00 a.m. for our divine service, which includes:

Healing: For the next while, as the pandemic continues to run its course, there will be a guided mediation in lieu of hands-on healing.

Address:  The speaker will present a short lecture on a topic related to Spiritualism or spirituality.

Demonstration of Mediumship:  The medium will connect with the Spirit side of life to offer proof of survival that our loved ones live on and communicate with us.  If the medium comes to you, you are free to accept or decline a communication.  If you accept, please answer the medium in response to the information presented, by saying ‘Yes’ or ‘I understand’ if what is said makes sense to you, or ‘No’ or ‘I can’t place that’ if you cannot recognize what is given.  The sound of your voice helps strengthen the medium’s link with your spirit person, in a way that nodding or shaking your head cannot.  Please do not ‘feed’ the medium by offering any information unless specifically asked.

Music: We are fortunate to enjoy, as a regular part of our service, a talented guitarist/vocalist who leads us in song, along with other soloists from time to time.  Come lift up your voice and heart!

Following the service at 12:20, we invite you to stay behind for fellowship and refreshments.

SSB enjoys a rotation of speakers and mediums from southern Ontario, as well as the occasional international medium.

PLEASE NOTE: The first portion of our services are streamed live to our Facebook group where our congregants will be able to enjoy the healing meditation as well as the words of our speaker. Shortly following the speaker’s presentation, the live stream will end. Once the live stream has ended, the mediumship portion of the service will continue.